Visually Separated Facilities

Visually separated facilities are most appropriate on roads with low to moderate volumes of traffic operating at moderate speeds. These facilities use markings and buffer striping to increase the distance between motorists and non motorized users.

Pedestrian Lane

A pedestrian lane is an interim or temporary pedestrian facility that may be appropriate on roads with low to moderate speeds and volumes. A pedestrian lane is a designated space on the roadway for exclusive use of pedestrians. The lane may be on one or both sides of the roadway and can fill gaps between important destinations in a community.

Note: The following guidance features expanded content and minor differences from that in the FHWA Small Town and Rural Multimodal Networks document. Please refer to FHWA's website for the formal presentation of this facility type.

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Bike Lane

Bike lanes designate an exclusive space for bicyclists through the use of pavement markings and optional signs. A bike lane is located directly adjacent to motor vehicle travel lanes and follows the same direction as motor vehicle traffic.

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Paved Shoulder

Paved shoulders on the edge of roadways can be enhanced to serve as a functional space for bicyclists and pedestrians to travel in the absence of other facilities with more separation.

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